Hostel & Hotel Service

We work with Hostels and Hotels to transform their bedrooms, event spaces, lounges, and more into unique locations defined by feature-piece neon signs. Offering a custom service with step-by-step support our team will work with you to meet your requirements.


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100,000+ Hours Of Lighting


Our signs use silicone LED strips to create fantastic neon effect lighting, they are cold to touch, bright to see, and incredibly energy efficient. 

Easy To Fit


Our signs come with everything you need to hang. With both hanging pegs and wires, you can choose to attach them to walls or ceilings. All you need is a plug to power your sign and it will work with no specialist installation required.



We are able to create almost any sign you can think of to match your unique rooms and spaces. Whether you want to change to multiple colors, make the signs dim, or have them 3 meters tall. Banana Neon can make it happen.



With no glass in our products and the fact we use LED lighting, all our products are incredibly safe. Even after hours of use, the lights will remain cool to the touch making them great for public spaces.

1-Year Warranty


All our products come with a 1-year warranty in the event that a sign breaks due to a manufacturing defect.

Fantastic For Marketing


Our signs have led to hundreds of free social media posts. People love taking photos with neon backgrounds leading to an increase in the number of tags for your business online.


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