How To Get Your Salon To Stand Out

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

With the end of quarantines, restrictions and social distancing almost in sight it’s time to get prepared for the inevitable boom in service demand. If you own a salon, hairdressers, nail bar, beauticians or barbers now is the time to get plans in place ready for making up for lost time and custom.

The beauty industry is always competitive, and with the world beginning to reopen now is the time to keep your current clients and attract new ones. No matter the size or shape of your business we have some great tips for making you stand out.

Customer experience

Customer experience is no longer about just styling hair well or painting nails. With increased competition it’s no doubt that the businesses that will thrive are those that understand and consciously design their business around their customers.

Being in the beauty industry revolves around taking your customer to a place they can relax and switch off for a few hours. One simple way of doing this is to practice. It may sound almost too obvious but with many salons growing and relying on teams of people to operate, it is vital that the customer experience you want your customers to have is understood and shared by your employees and colleagues.

Importantly, customers can tell when routines and plans are working. The experience is calm and everything goes as it should leading to a better customer experience.

Décor Décor Décor

A well-designed salon, hairdresser or nail bar is one of the best way to give yourself an edge and get new customers through the door. With some simple changes and upgrades you can help elevate any space into something that bit more special.

Neon signs for salons can add that special feature to create the right vibe and support the customer experience you are trying to create. More importantly neon signs can be customised to fully match your brand and drive social media engagement.

Whether it’s a sign reflecting the logo or something to be used as a backdrop for selfies and photos we have seen our clients get fantastic results by adding something unique to them.

Smart advertising

The best marketing is free marketing, and a well designed store encourages: photos, videos and posts to social media which can be invaluable for attracting and retaining visitors.

Nothing drives footfall like a personal recommendation from someone you know and from our clients experiences the best way to do this is to get on someone’s social media.

By using a neon sign you can help drive that social media engagement by providing a clever backdrop or some unique lighting. Pair that with some fantastic décor and amazing customer service and you will undoubtedly flourish in 2021.

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