We are a quality-driven LED neon light specialist, who focuses on helping people and businesses create fantastic environments through exceptional customer support and exciting lighting.

As a company operating globally with headquarters in London, we support consumers, local businesses, and large multi-nationals through our ready-to-ship and bespoke custom sign services. 


At Banana Neon we are always looking to guide our customers through long-term support and solutions. Our signs are fantastic just as a unique decoration but really come into their own for both events and businesses.

Our signs are the favourite backdrop for customer selfies driving social media engagement. Nothing else stands out like a neon sign and this is seen with all of our clients who choose to work with Banana Neon.

There is no limit to the signs we can create and that's the real power of choosing our services. If you want to create something unique for that special someone or get more customers through the door we can ensure that your idea comes to life. More importantly, we can make your design bright, glowing, and over 3 meters tall. 

Banana Neon started as an idea to add some excitement to the lights that fill up homes, events, and businesses around the globe. We have quickly grown to be more than this and offer an exciting range of ready to ship signs perfect for any space. We work closely with our customers to deliver exceptional products and take pride in helping them add the splash of light they've been looking for. 

So throw out your dull corner lamps and do it the bright way, with Banana Neon.